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Generate License registration request file
Shareware License has to be applied directly over the Freeware product, after installation. IMPORTANT: The procedure here after has to be followed in order to finalize the software registration, whatever your case:
  1. You already have installed Freeware release and wish to upgrade to Shareware.
  2. You have already bought the shareware license through online payment and are waiting for you software registration key.
Upgrading software features and license to Shareware is done with a software registration key. This key is specific to your computer and will be delivered to you through email, upon payment receipt AND Registration request file (see procedure below).

Procedure to follow (on the computer where Mediathek will be used):

Download and Install Mediathek Premium in the language of your choice, if not already done.

When installation has been completed, start Mediathek using its desktop icon or Start Menu shortcut. If you are running Mediathek for the first time, read and acknowledge the various windows displayed.

From that point, Mediathek is installed and ready to be used, but shareware features are still locked. It is necessary to generate the license registration request.

From VIEW ribbon tab, select "Shareware form" option from the Registration group. Fill all requested information and click OK button.

At the end of this procedure, Mediathek asks you to locate a folder where to save the license registration request file.

Then, Mediathek displays a dialog box showing the full path of the file (ie. C:\temp\register.txt) and propose to email the file.

If you prefer to email it manually, start your email software and create a new message attention with the register.txt file as an attachment.

In return, you will receive a software license key which will be used to validate your shareware registration (see "Enter License" option from VIEW ribbon tab, Registration group), but also unlocks the whole software features.

Using the software means you have read, understood, and fully agree the end-user license agreement, which is installed with the software.

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