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Mediathek - The ULTIMATE Entertainment Library, personal belongings & Inventory manager

About Mediathek
Mediathek 7.0 is available for download since October 9th, 2010. You will find here below the list of major new features accessible to the end-user.

Feel free to use the suggestion form to submit comments, improvement and enhancement requests, based on your own using experience and needs.

Mediathek is declined in two licensing modes with a unique distribution : a no time-limited freeware release with major functionnalities and a shareware release with the whole software including advanced features.
Mediathek 6.x main features (major features only)
  • Mediathek 6.5/6.6: (july 7th 2009)
    • Blu-Ray and iPod icons/format support.
    • Reference search from toolbar text field (for barcode reader support).
    • Internet DVD / eBay search filters enhancement
    • Windows Vista & Windows 7 32-bit support

  • Mediathek 6.4:
    • Root categories label and icon customization.
    • Icons illustrations available to any kind of item.
    • Configuration files path selection (allow Mediathek shared usage among several computers).
    • Internet import filter: multiple results selection, adds links with imported items.
    • Feature to set the maximum number of items a borrower can take alltogether.
    • Late for return items checking and send reminder emails within all categories in a single operation.
    • New "reference" field extended to any kind of item.

  • Mediathek 6.3: (april 21st 2005)
    • Import data from import filters while editing / adding a new item.
    • Item description mail sending feature with external links & jpeg file as attachment.
    • Files & Folders Import filter that scans drives and folders to declare files into your Mediathek document with content analysis.
    • New CDDB (Audio CD) import filter.
    • Item color support in native printing mode.
    • Lending module major enhancements: late items email reminder, log file...

  • Mediathek 6.2: (june 30th 2004)
    • Full database internal engine review and new fields addition.
    • Default list values full customization support (sound, video format...).
    • Full revision of import/export engine and improvement of all existing filters.
    • HTML templates to use for creating reports using HTML export filter and print using Internet Explorer.
    • Lending module: default borrowing days count management for each category.
    • Possibility to apply one / several property value for all items located in a same folder.
    • Possibility to associate internet / file links with authors / artists and TITLES.

  • Mediathek 6.1/6.11: (august 24th 2003)
    • New mode : "Reserved" state/color when lending date is prior to current date.
    • Detailed statistics about folder's properties / displayed contents.
    • End-user interface enhancements.

  • Mediathek 6.0: (june 18th 2003)
    • Windows XP look'n feel + visual themes support, context menus, filter bar...
    • items custom coloring depending on their types & attributes (categories, folders, mediums & objects, lended items, items late for return...).
    • Built-in print engine full revision.
    • New: Builtin Lending/borrowing management module, borrowers management, log file, advanced rules, specific coloring...
    • Display the current document's statistics when selecting the tree view's root icon.
    • Integrated features to enhance fields input (auto-complete).

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