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Mediathek - The ULTIMATE Entertainment Library, personal belongings & Inventory manager

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About Mediathek
Mediathek is THE ultimate Personal Information & Inventory Manager: it helps you keep track & manage virtually anything you own - video and audio mediums, software, books, collectible items, inventory, and personal belongings.

The product was first released in 1996, and constantly improved since then ; Thousands of people from many different countries, religions, social classes, occupation, have adopted this software: Libraries (educational & religious), Enterprise comitees, Collectors, Individuals wishing to manage their personal entertainment library, Mothers at home, Non-profit organizations, Companies etc...

Mediathek has become the reference product for its software category ; Some of its main advantages are the use of a single software to keep track and manage any types of mediums & objects and its generalist approach which allow to fit any type of managing needs, even the more exotics.

Latest Release: Mediathek 7.1
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Who use Mediathek
    • Manage and inventory your entertainment library: video, audio, software, books, what you have, detailed information about each item.
    • Add descriptions and pictures (ie. DVD cover) about your items with no manual input, just get data from Internet websites for CDs, videos, DVDs, books, auctions etc…
    • Keep track on what you've lended to family and friends…
    • Know where your items are stored, print reports, run searches, get statistics...
    • Other examples : personal or legacy inventories, document management, selling activity on Internet…

    • Manage your collection, maintain an up-to-date list of your items whatever you collect: sport related, autographs, toys, figurines or dolls, antiques, fishes, stamps, cars, other memorabilia...
    • Manage detailed descriptions, add links and photos.
    • Know where your items are stored, print reports for your insurance...
    • Run searches trough your collection, get statistics, quickly update data, references etc...

    • Manage a large multimedia library with the same features and easiness than a personal management.
    • Lend items to your members or employees, follow who, what and how many items are borrowed, over hundreds or thousands of articles and borrowers.
    • Set your own lending management rules (delay for return, number of items per borrower…), keep on returns, send remind emails to borrowers who are late in returns..
    • Define and affect automatic references to each item of your inventory, combine Mediathek usage with a barcode reading device.
    • Export your inventory list as html page(s) to reach a larger audience using network or Intranet.

    • Make a precise inventory for a personal sale, managing a family legacy…
    • Manage your (paper) documents (bills, invoices, checks, payrolls, taxes, duties...) within the software, so you don't have to go through your storage.
    • Manage files on your computer and removable medias, get detailed info, launch files (including multimedia) directly from Mediathek.
    • Keep an up-to-date inventory of your belongings and valuable items to provide reports for insurance purposes and know exactly what you had in case of trouble.
    • Manage objects that you are selling at garage sales or on Internet auctions, manage inventory and stocks, quantities, and more possibilities...

    • Combine all or part of these usages to manage warehouse / stock, buying and selling  activities, client prospection and directory, electronic document management…

Why choose Mediathek
  • Mediathek is a very complete software which gives to the user a big deal of powerfull features, though a very user-friendly & intuitive interface.

  • Thousands of users have already chose the product, in most cases, after having tried several similar software. 

  • Mediathek has strong bases and a very good notoriety (first release in 1996).

  • Mediathek is based on concrete needs for keeping & managing mediums, objects and belongings.

  • Each single feature & enhancement developed since release 4 have been requested directly by users based on their own managing needs and experience with the software.

  • Users requests and needs are listened and added to the list of features for the upcoming releases.

  • Each single message sent to the software author receives a personal reply in a short delay, whatever its purpose (help & support, questions, ideas...). 

  • Full file legacy support is guaranteed between each product release. Absolutly no need to re-type your data.

  • Mediathek is -FREE- for all strictly personal use which does not involve business nor lucrative activities, and restricted to managing direct end-user's (physical person) own data / items.

  • Freeware release not time-limited nor restricted by an usage counter (see Differences table between Freeware & Shareware).

  • Mediathek has all the managing / lending / tracking features that are usefull for rental / lending clubs, librairies, Enterprise employees services etc...
Main Features
  • Note: this list is not exhaustive, limited to the major features, and does not contain features under development, see the "Upcoming features" page.

  • Keep track & manage virtually anything you own : video & audio mediums, software, books, collectible items, inventory, personal belongings... with fully customizable fields and default values lists...

  • Very powerful and intuitive software, that combines with advanced features.

  • Interface that features the latest graphical look'n feel and meet major software standards (ie. toolbars, context menus, preferences settings, visual themes support, Office-like ribbons...)

  • Lending management module: borrowers management, reminder emailing, log file, return dates automatic calculation rules, lending rules, real-time refresh for late for return items, barcode devices support...

  • Pictures support (jpeg, gif, png…) to illustrate your items (ie: DVDs/CDs covers, collectibles items) with preview window, clipboard copy features, external viewing software support…

  • Import data and items descriptions from many different sources, including CSV text, automatic CD analysis (internet FreeDB / Cddb...), files and folders scanning…

  • Import items descriptions and pictures from *any* Internet website (CDs, DVDs, books, eBay etc…) ; add your own prefered websites.

  • Items custom coloring depending on their types & attributes (lended items, late for return...), many icons to illustrate objects and mediums.

  • Internet capabilities to associate external links with items, connect to editors/authors/items related websites... associate links to multimedia files on your computer and start them from the software

  • Save your documents as HTML pages, use built-in templates or use your own designed html document templates.

  • Full WYSIWYG printing support, print preview, many print customization options.

  • Advanced document management features: re-assess values, data replacement tools, intelligent cut&paste, send items by mail with attachments, field input assistants, reference formatting and auto-calculation…

  • Advanced statistics and graphics, search features (search, selection…), sorting, multi-criteria sorting and filtering features...
License Reminder
Mediathek Freeware release can be used freely in a strictly personal context with no lucrative activities, and restricted to managing direct end-user's (physical person) own data / items. It can be distributed but selling is stricly forbidden.

Shareware license must be acquired for home-user access to all product features, professional activities whether lucrative or not, multiple users / sessions and network uses, as well as using the product to manage data that belongs to a moral person / company like Associations, Clubs, Educational, Enterprise employees services / clubs, (multimedia) Librairies, Rental or Lending clubs ...

User must verify which licensing mode concerns his use and register if shareware is required.

Mediathek is available in French and English versions for Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 (32/64-bit), Windows® 8, and Windows® 10.

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