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Mediathek - The ULTIMATE Entertainment Library, personal belongings & Inventory manager

Actual Mediathek realease
Mediathek 7.1 is available for download since august, 12th 2011. You will find here below the list of major new features accessible to the end-user.

Feel free to use the suggestion form to submit comments, improvement and enhancement requests, based on your own using experience and needs.

Mediathek is declined in two licensing modes with a unique distribution : a no time-limited freeware release with major functionnalities and a shareware release with the whole software including advanced features.

Mediathek 7.1 New Features (major features only)
  • Productivity
    • New item - pre-set values using main caracteristics from current selection.
    • Dynamic list on Country field in New/Edit window.
    • Reference field forced recalculation on current selection.
    • Direct access to pictures association with current selection from context menu.

  • Import / Export
    • File/Folder scan: create a link to scanned file with imported entry.
    • Mediathek 6.x Import: finalize import by auto-grouping fields with a Mediathek 6 sorting style + line feed fixed.

  • Misc
    • Bug: Document view refresh upon item deletion from context menu link.
    • Bug: Display and ressource consumption fix after adding 30-40 entries.
    • Bug : Text export fails when document is arranged by Groups
    • Select following entry after item deletion (avoid going back to top of document).
    • Mediathek 6.x legacy Windows shell file associations.
    • License registration procedure enhancement.
    • Software updates verification procedure enhancement.

Mediathek 7.0 New Features (major features only)
  • Main
    • Native XML settings and document file format.
    • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32bit + 64-bit support.
    • Mediathek 6.x legacy file support.
    • Native launch (using Windows Shell) of external files and links (enable to launch any file type/extension and use Mediathek as a multimedia file manager)
    • Enhancement picture support (Jpeg, Gif, Png file formats) and display.

  • Interface
    • Interface simplification, Office-like ribbons, toolbars customization.
    • REPORT Control based document view, allows simple and combined sort order, hierarchical groups, multiple selection, summary preview...
    • Complete headers customization, sorting, order swapping, show & hide, alignment, drag'n drop, full state save and restore with the document content...
    • Filter bar with multi-criteria search support and found occurrences counter.
    • Revised simplified management for default categories, links and borrowers.

  • Productivity
    • Full customization support for fields labels/headers and default values.
    • New Reference field with alphanumeric format support and automatic increment when adding items.
    • Enhancements for barcode reading devices support.
    • Multiple selection, features and menu commands applied only on selected items.
    • Enhanced numeric sequence analysis for copy/paster/move automatic renaming features.
    • Improved Internet accesses and requests.
    • Document view WYSIWYG Printing mode, print settings customization, variables support for page headers and footers.
    • Advanced statistic with graphics.

  • Lending module
    • Windows Quick-tray notification on late for return items.
    • Automatic lending status report on day change.
    • Possibility to set borrowers list order in context menus.

  • Emailing features
    • Mail features enhancements, support for pre-recorded message body in raw text or HTML format.
    • Native MAPI mail support = no more security warnings + full compatibility with Enterprise emailing systems.
    • Multiple recipients emailing, open mails for review before sending...

  • Import / Export
    • Complete revision of import / export system, and simplified options.
    • Exports achieved on the active document view (allow to export the full document content or active/filtered selection).
    • New Internet import filter that requests websites with HTTP and XML support (depending on site).
    • Automatic Import filter starts upon CD or removal media insertion.

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