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Mediathek - The ULTIMATE Entertainment Library, personal belongings & Inventory manager

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License Reminder
Mediathek Freeware release can be used freely in a strictly personal context with no lucrative activities, and restricted to managing direct end-user's (physical person) own data / items. It can be distributed but selling is stricly forbidden.

Shareware license must be acquired for home-user access to all product features, professional activities whether lucrative or not, multiple users / sessions and network uses, as well as using the product to manage data that belongs to a moral person / company like Associations, Clubs, Educational, Enterprise employees services / clubs, (multimedia) Librairies, Rental or Lending clubs ...

User must verify which licensing mode concerns his use and register if shareware is required.

Mediathek is available in French and English versions for Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 (32/64-bit), and Windows® 8.

Download latest release
  • Download Mediathek Premium Ed. installation files by clicking the download button below.

  • Télécharger Mediathek (français) Mediathek English edition setup mediathek7en_setup.exe (2.81 Mb).

  • When prompted what to do with this file, save it to a location on your hard drive. Keep this file in a safe place for later use as it will be usefull for re-installing or repairing the software in case of troubles.

  • Once download is complete, locate the file and double-click its icon. Make sure you keep a copy of this file which will help you reinstall or repair the software in case of trouble.  

  • Follow the Mediathek installation assistant which will guide you during all the steps of installation procedure. Attention: read the FAQs page if you already have a previous version installed.

  • Once setup is finished you can run Mediathek by clicking its icon in the Mediathek group, or from Windows desktop.

  • Please, be sure to read the license agreement provided with the documentation. Using Mediathek means you agreed every terms in the licence agreement.

Download software Updates
  • There is currently no necessary nor specific additional update for Mediathek 7.x.

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