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Mediathek - The ULTIMATE Entertainment Library, personal belongings & Inventory manager

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Register Shareware
Thanks for your interest towards Mediathek and for respecting shareware concept. Although Mediathek can be used for Free (see License Agreement conditions), Freeware release has some functionnal limitations, and provide only the minimum features in order to manage collections, librairies or inventories (see Differences table between Freeware & Shareware).

By registering your copy of Mediathek to Shareware License, you will access the whole software features, including lending module, Borrowers management, Help input & productivity tools (fields pre-filling, automatic correction, auto-completion, dynamic lists etc...), Internet connectivity, Text, HTML and XML Export filters, Statistics, automatic reference, advanced features for clubs etc... dozens very useful features always based from real and concrete users needs.

Shareware license is a Software Registration Key which will be sent to you after payment validation and receiving the Registration Request file.

Payment method New REDUCED PRICE - only 10 EUROS!
Shareware single license for Mediathek can be purchased with online payment for ONLY 10 Euros ($12) using PAYPAL (no account needed to issue payment).

Click here for PAYPAL payment
(PREFERRED method - paypal account not mandatory)
10 Euros

If you do not wish to pay online with a credit card, some other means are available (PAYPAL, wire transfer, money order etc...). In that case, please contact the software author.

Degressive / volume licensing pricing has been set up in order to satisfy users that have several computers and wish to use the software on every one (several license keys, one single user).

License Reminder
Mediathek Freeware release can be used freely in a strictly personal context with no lucrative activities, and restricted to managing direct end-user's (physical person) own data / items. It can be distributed but selling is stricly forbidden.

Shareware license must be acquired for home-user access to all product features, professional activities whether lucrative or not, multiple users / sessions and network uses, as well as using the product to manage data that belongs to a moral person / company like Associations, Clubs, Educational, Enterprise employees services / clubs, (multimedia) Librairies, Rental or Lending clubs ...

User must verify which licensing mode concerns his use and register if shareware is required.

Notice: in case of license expiration, computer change or reinstall, contact the author to get an updated license key, this operation is free of charge and do not require any additional purchase.

Mediathek is available in French and English versions for Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 (32/64-bit), Windows® 8, and Windows® 10.

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