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Freeware - Shareware Differences
Features Freeware Shareware
 Media / Items management
 Support of all items fields and properties all all
 Standard operations on items (new, edit, erase…) yes yes
 Pictures support to illustrate items 20 pics at document loading yes
 Save & Load of lending related fields no yes
 Save & Load of comment field 100 characters yes
 Save & Load of all fields
 (* fields Rating, Country, Lending, Custom not saved)
no (*) yes
 Support of coma for values no yes
 Availability of all illustration icons no yes
 Windows styles, Office 2010 like interface yes yes
 Standard interface (menus, toolbars, context menus…) yes yes
 Simple and Grouped sorting features, filter bar yes yes
  Interface state save & restore application only application + documents
  Picture preview window yes yes
 Standard Features
 Document navigation functions yes yes
 Items multiple selection support (shift, control keys, mouse...) yes yes
 Apply features only on selected or displayed items yes yes
 Documents statistics partial yes
 Save document as Web page limit to 5 items yes
 Printing and printing preview yes yes
 Copy / Start displayed preview picture yes yes
 Fields input helper features partial full
 Internet & Files links association supported with Title yes yes
 Emailing features partial full
 Lending Management
 Lending features (new lending, return, log file…) no yes
 Calculation rules enabled yes yes
 Borrowers management yes yes
 Real time views refresh for late items no yes
 Lending auto-summary on date change  no yes, Enterprise
 Max number of lended items by borrower control no yes, Enterprise
 Advanced Features
 Fields and Column headers customization not applied full
 Document views displaying settings some not applied full
 Default lists customization (format, sound, types...) yes yes
 Modify properties for several items at one time no yes
 Reference format and automatic calculation no yes
 Reassess items values no yes
 Default categories management yes yes
 Internet & file links management yes yes
 Internet connectivity 1 link launch / item full
 Import pictures no yes
 Printing page footer customization not applied yes
 Pictures folder customization  no yes
 Copy / Search / Import-Export
 Drag & drop support yes yes
 Copy / Cut support yes yes
 Paste support limit to 5 items yes
 Double entries automatic renaming yes yes
 Search function no yes
 Search from filter bar yes yes
 Export data limit to 5 items yes
 Removable device CD/USB automatic detection yes yes
 Import files and folders scan limit to 25 files yes
 Import / Search of CDs / DVDs on Internet 1 item / search yes
 Older Mediathek file formats support yes yes
 New releases & updates check on the Internet yes yes
 Software Preferences settings partial full
 Software behavior settings yes yes
 Printing & Page setup settings yes yes
 Folder customization for configuration files (borrowers, lending log, templates...) no yes, Enterprise
 Mediathek 6.x files support partial full
  FREE support / email assistance yes yes
  Software Updates yes yes

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