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Mediathek is THE ultimate Personal information, Entertainment library and inventory software that you need to manage Videos and Audios, computer Software, Books as well as Collectibles and personal belongings.

Mediathek supports any kind of medium and object, oldest to latest like vynile to Blu-Ray, and illustrations for any kinds of item.

The most complete software within its category, with intuitive interface, powerful features for home users, businesses, clubs etc...

VERSION 7.x available for Windows Windows 7-8 & Windows 10 ! Freeware and Shareware releases. NEW REDUCED PRICE on shareware!
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"La FRENCH TOUCH" – THE ultimate book covering the History of French Star Wars merchandising in France from 1977 to 1986.

Outcome of years of research and point of view of that era, it features for the first time the entire range of merchandise, advertising and marketing material, as well as the response the movies initially received.

It will appeal to all generations of fans, to collectors, nostalgia buffs, and anyone curious to relive the evolution of the merchandising and marketing methods in France.

The history goes through the equivalent of 70 pages of text, illustrated with more than 1200 pictures of items and documents, within a 244 full color pages 8x10” format book.

A book widely acclaimed by the entire worldwide collectors community and related publications; from author of the famous "Meccano to Trilogo" book published in 2006.

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Follow this link for my personal Star Wars "book" related to the Star Wars community.

From contributions with articles, features, reports for french and english websites, to collecting websites forums extracts, internet sites and magazines.

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